Quality, direct trade and passion

Corado Coffee Roasters is a company located in Mandal, Norway. We specialize in high quality coffee produced in our own farm in Guatemala and other coffee producers around the world. 

Our Team


Jose Corado

Jose is producing coffee sinced 1992. The owner and  founder of our farm Hacienda El Guarsin. His passion for coffee have inspired his family to contiune following his steps in the coffee industry.


Jose Corado Jr.

Jose its our founder and roast master in Norway. Industrial enginneer and marketolog as profession, he believes in transparency, high quality and passion.


Gerardo Corado

Gerardo its the one responsable for all our logistics and staff in Guatemala. He runs our wet mill and its the perfect link between the farm in Guatemala and the roastery in Norway.

Hacienda el Guarsin - Our farm

The Roastery

In April 2019 we founded our roastery in Norway. Located in the industry area of Jåbekk in Mandal, Norway.  At the moment we are roasting 4 different varieties of coffee from our farm and 3 different coffee producers in Huhuetenago. We also are roasting coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda , Kenya and Ethiopia.

Let's work together

If you are intersted in our coffee or just want to learn more about it, get in contact with Corado Coffee Roasters today! When it comes to high quality coffee, we promise you will get it. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Corado Coffee Roasters
Doneheia 74A, Mandal, Norge
Phone: +47 485 00 849

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